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Thoughts about Self-Care from a Mom of Two

Looking at my now 2-month old son who's EBF (exclusive breast-feeding) and weighs a whopping 6.6 kgs, I quizzically wonder why he weighs as much as he does. And I can't help but see how different he is from his older brother. He's easier to soothe, sleeps longer and cries less. And at the same… Continue reading Thoughts about Self-Care from a Mom of Two

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The Delivery Experience and Adam’s Arrival

Feb 23, 2014. My expected due date finally came but still no signs of real labor, only mild Baxton Hicks contractions but no bloody show, no water breaks, nothing. I was starting to wonder if this baby still planned to come out soon or not. We were also pressed for time as hubby was only… Continue reading The Delivery Experience and Adam’s Arrival

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What My Son Taught Me About Selflessness

Have you ever engaged in a situation when you got so worked up emotionally that you ended up feeling burdened, stressed and frustrated? You didn't think it was worth the trouble but you still did it to assert yourself. I engage in conversations like that all the time, but I never once filtered these things… Continue reading What My Son Taught Me About Selflessness

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Here’s to the almost 2-year-old You!

This year, we watched you grow as you discovered your own personality. We watched you as you started preferring blue and to you everything was "blue". We watched you play with an old, worn out toy car for hours and throwing a fit when your asked to do something else. You couldn't be bothered. I… Continue reading Here’s to the almost 2-year-old You!

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The Single Me vs the Married, Soon-to-be Mom Me

Here's a confession: recently, a part of me envied friends who have all the time in the world to do the things they want to do in life. They proudly pose their recent travels and expeditions on Facebook, they go on adventures, see new places, hang out with friends until dawn, etc etc. They seem… Continue reading The Single Me vs the Married, Soon-to-be Mom Me

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Pregnancy Discoveries – What it Really Feels Like

You find yourself happy one moment and sentimental the next. You feel bloated and experience cramps like never before. You crave for food you hated before you got pregnant. These are just some of the random side effects a pregnant woman experience in the span of nine months. I've read a lot of articles and… Continue reading Pregnancy Discoveries – What it Really Feels Like

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10 Prayers for 2014

It's the start of another year- a time to start afresh and make new plans, hoping to redeem what has not been so successful the past year and wish for the best this time around. A lot of people write their new year's resolution, plans and what-nots. Personally, I prefer spending the first days of… Continue reading 10 Prayers for 2014

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A Glimpse of HOPE

A guest post from Sotico Pagulayan III Ico writes about Climate Change and his experience going around the different provinces monitoring agricultural projects. This speaks highly of what Cambodia needs in this time and season. __________ In the past few months, Cambodia has suffered extreme weather conditions. While one area experiences drought, another has severe… Continue reading A Glimpse of HOPE

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Going Where Eagles Fly

Those who've read my past entries know how I cherish seeing eagles- especially in this new journey with Ico. From the wedding prayer Pastor Paul spoke to us, to our Honeymoon, even to moments in Cambodia- God never fail to remind us of His faithfulness by allowing us to see eagles soaring above the mountains,… Continue reading Going Where Eagles Fly

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Busting those Pregnancy Myths

I'm slowly easing into my mid-second trimester and these past days I've been feeling "normal" again! No more queasiness or feeling fatigue, and that sensitivity over food finally fading... (finally, I can eat whatever I want...well except fried chicken- the mere thought still makes me gag..). I'm so relieved to find out what they say… Continue reading Busting those Pregnancy Myths

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The Revelation :)

A few months ago, I experienced the most beautiful day of my life when I married my best friend.  And that was only the beginning. Forever and ever started after coming back to reality- coming back to our work in Cambodia, settling down in our own home, dealing with financial issues, and finally getting some… Continue reading The Revelation 🙂

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Five Years in the Making

Today, Ico and I celebrate our first month as husband and wife. But that’s not the only reason why we’re celebrating. We also celebrate our 5 years and 1 month of friendship. And I must say, without the latter, we wouldn’t have such a great 1st month of marriage as we are having right now.… Continue reading Five Years in the Making

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What Your Dream Requires

What does it take to reach your soul’s greatest dream? ALL OF YOU and nothing less. All of your weaknesses laid bare. All your hopes tested and tried, Until everything is made clear.   It takes ALL of you. Forged by trials, To remove the unnecessary, To strip yourself of childish ambitions, To learn from… Continue reading What Your Dream Requires

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GO and GET it!

I just really feel the urgency to write these all down, while it's still burning in my heart- and while it's all fresh in my memory.. Our team had this extraordinary encounter with a feisty Singaporean businesswoman friend, who literally turned the market around when she came to establish her business here in Cambodia more… Continue reading GO and GET it!